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“Willard is a great asset to any team. Highly knowledgeable and passionate about finding creative solutions.”  Jason Hetrick, Orcutt|Winslow Partnership, Creative Manager, Associate Partner.

“Willard is a find in this rare world of overvalued professionals. His passion in getting a concept endorsed, created, and executed leaves clients like myself little room for finding faults. His professionalism in finding the “right” answer for your needs are always met and not just for the bottom line, but for your own company’s future brand integrity. Consulting in his Company’s title should be called “guruship.”‘  Fred Talactac, FIT Design, Creative Director.

“Willard is highly skilled in the technical arena of design. He has an advanced knowledge of BIM and Archicad, which combines very well with his creative edge. He is able to bring new ideas and different viewpoints to the table. His technical skill and innovative design sense is a valuable asset in today’s architectural world.”  Teresa Francis, Mayo Clinic, Contract Interior Designer at Mayo Clinic.

“Willard has a killer design sense as well as an amazing grasp on design technologies. It is a rare combination and a very exciting one. He has the ability to design and execute projects in a way that others can only dream about because of this.”  Matt Johnson, Architect at Orcutt|Winslow Partnership

“Willard is an innovative designer who can think out of the box. He’s 100% committed to BIM and is willing to push it to it’s full potential. I would highly recommend Willard as a leader in BIM and as an architectural designer.”   Tazmine Loomans, Architect at Oh planning+design

“Passion, a clear point of view, a willingness to learn, and above all a commitment to meeting the needs of the team and not simply fill the pages of his portfolio, all of this and more characterized my relationship with Willard. I first worked with him as the leader of JRMA’s branch office in Rancho Cucamonga. As a result of the successes we shared there I was delighted that he accepted my offer for an internship some time later with my own firm. His commitment to innovative ideas and drive for results make him an ideal candidate and I recommend him with very high regard. Please feel free to contact me with and questions you may have.”  Timothy White, TFW,  Creative Specialist supporting Integrated Project Delivery through excellence in Architecture & Design

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